Professors Sue Walker and Stephen Tong, co-directors of Mercy Perinatal
Professors Sue Walker and Stephen Tong,
co-directors of Mercy Perinatal


University of Melbourne

  • Stephen is appointed as a full academic Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
  • The University of Melbourne has been consistently ranked as the top university in Australia
    (Times Higher Education ranking).
  • The Obstetrics department itself has been rated as performing 'above world standards'
    (ERA rating of 5).

Mercy Perinatal

  • Stephen is a co-director of Mercy Perinatal.
  • Mercy Perinatal is dedicated to improving care for pregnant women, both today (the latest in clinical care, and education to health providers) and tomorrow (via cutting edge research).
  • The vision is for Mercy Perinatal to become a leading international centre for perinatal medicine : care for pregnant women and their vulnerable newborn babies.

Mercy Hospital for Women

  • Mercy Hospital is one of three major tertiary women’s hospitals in Victoria.
  • It has a neonatal intensive care unit for newborns finding the first moments of life unexpectedly challenging.
  • With one of the lowest rates of perinatal losses of any hospital in Victoria, it is a safe place to
    have a baby.

Translational Obstetrics Group

  • The Translational Obstetric Group is tackling major pregnancy complications - preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy and stillbirth.
  • New discoveries made by the team in the laboratory are being tested in multiple human trials running across the globe, from South Africa to Scotland, New Zealand to New South Wales.
  • The group has published numerous scientific papers in prestigious international journals. Since 2010, the team has amassed over 7 million dollars in competitive research funding and many national and international awards.
  • It is currently a team of 15-20 scientists and clinician-researchers based at Mercy Hospital for Women.
  • Stephen set up the team in 2009 and he continues to leads it.

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