Good To Know

  • How to feel for your baby’s movements

    From 26 weeks until the end of your pregnancy, you should be carefully checking the baby’s movements every day. First, sort out in your mind what are ‘normal movements’ for your baby.

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  • What to eat? How to sleep?

    There are a lot of yummy things you can safely eat during pregnancy. Lean meat, fish, diary, cheese, grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables. Even the odd treat is fine.

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  • Vaccines, vitamins and tablets

    There are two immunisations you ought to have during pregnancy. They will protect you and your baby.

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  • Common symptoms to expect

    Pregnancy is a happy occasion. Many women truly enjoy the experience. However, a number of unwelcome symptoms can appear, and some can prove rather taxing for mum’s to be. While annoying, none are dangerous for the baby.

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  • Working, flying and exercising: some common questions answered

    For those with an uncomplicated pregnancy, it may be sensible to finish up work around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy.

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  • Tests during pregnancy

    During the pregnancy you will be offered tests. Stephen will carefully explain these as you progress through your pregnancy. Presented here is an overview of tests you will be asked to do.

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